Forensic Audit

Functioning in today’s environment leaves doors open to various frauds and malpractices. The authors of such artifices ensure that no trail is left behind and that all condemning evidence is well hidden. While dealing with such subterfuge, businesses must entertain the possibility that their management may be compromised. We aim at unearthing such hidden evidence, if any and assist you in ensuring the prevention of such instances in the future. Our team can help client in the forensic audit and the fraud risk assessments by conducting multiple activities.

We have helped number of Investors for identifying the red flags associated with the financial statement frauds.

Pratapkaran Paul & Co.,(PKP),Chartered Accountants

  •  Fraud and complex financial investigations
  •  Audit and special committee investigations
  •  Financial statement misstatements, inadequate disclosure and restatements
  •  Independent internal controls and fraud risk assessment
  •  Compliance and transaction risk assessments

Further we assist the companies in the following ways:

  •  Overall fraud and misconduct risk assessment
  •  Assistance in the design of global compliance programmes
  •  Reviews of internal fraud controls, compliance, anti-fraud and corporate ethics programs
  •  Comprehensive and practical advice concerning all aspects of fraud risk management
  •  Assist management in the design and implementation of fraud prevention frameworks, including corporate codes of ethics and conduct, fraud response policies, fraud prevention controls, communications, monitoring and prevention policies and standards
  •  Review of business processes and internal control structure from the perspective of fraud risk management and prevention
  •  Compliance assessments related to fraud risk management and prevention
  •  Fraud risk management and fraud prevention training