Transaction Advisory Services

Transaction Advisory Services

Due diligence

The Firm conducts due diligence audit and reviews for Foreign and Domestic investors. The acquiring of a business carries with it a number of risks in areas that include: financial, legal & litigation, markets & products, management & work force, strategic and unrecorded liabilities.

Forensic audit

Functioning in today’s environment leaves doors open to various frauds and malpractices. The authors of such artifices ensure that no trail is left behind and that all condemning evidence is well hidden.

Valuation Services

Business valuation is critical for transactions including fund raising, mergers & acquisitions (M&A), sale of businesses, strategic business decisions like family or shareholders disputes, voluntary value assessment and also for regulatory compliance,

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a process that ensures your company/family is prepared for the future. Succession planning keeps your business moving forward during the inevitable changes that come with running a business.

India Entry Services

India is one of the key markets from where future growth is likely to emerge. The growth in India’s consumer market would be primarily driven by a favorable population composition and increasing disposable incomes.